Watch the brief introductory video below before jumping into the content. 

Becoming An Authority For The Right Audience

How to create video content that matches up with the audience that you want to attract. Along with ensuring that your content lines up with the questions your audience wants answered. 

Get To The Top of Youtube Search Results Consistently

It may seem like getting your video to the top of search results is a stroke of luck.  

But there is a systematic process for getting your videos elevated to the top position quickly. 

Getting Into The Head of Your Audience

The best way to ensure that you are creating content that will resonate every time is to know exactly what your audience wants to see and hear. In this video I share the tools and sites you can use to come up with video content ideas. 

Why Your Competition is Your Friend On Youtube

You don't have to start from scratch in building your content from scratch.  

Discover how you can take a look at your competitors' videos to see what is working and resonating with your audience. 

The Story-Based Video Structure That'll Captivate Your Audience

We are finally ready to start filming videos!!

In this video I share the best script format that you can use for every video to ensure that you are creating content that maximizes engagement and subscribers. 

The 5 Steps To Maximizing Your Video Views

You can have the greatest video content, but no one is going to see it if you don't follow these easy steps to signal to Youtube where your video should be shown. 

Final Tips & Suggestions for More Views & A Free Offer

A few more things to maximize the exposure of every video that you release along with an easy way that I can help accelerate your progress.